Add A New Inch To Your Arms

Add A New Inch To Your Arms

Are you trying to get your arms to look bigger with some new muscle growth.  Add a few more inches to your arms.

The arm busting routine, which is designed to add the most muscle mass to your triceps, biceps and forearms.

  • Biceps Sitting Curls: So while you’re seated on a bench, have your barbell resting in your lap. When you’re ready, with a shoulder width underhand grip, lift and curl upwards to your chin.
  • Triceps Close Grip Bench Presses: With this exercise specifically designed to trigger new growth in your triceps and the most important part of it is the heaviness of the weights.
  • Behind-the-Back Wrist Curls: This exercise, hold the barbell behind your back keeping the palm of your hand have it facing backwards. This is easiest if you have a buddy pass you your weights or have them on a rack behind you.  With the bar downward and your wrist relaxed, using your forearms muscles, bring the weight up by bending your wrists.

You may think it’s too much weight for this one but trust me you can, so go for the heaviest weight you can manage.

Do the above routine three times, over the next two weeks, and if it’s done right, no matter how big your arms are, they’re going to be bigger after these two weeks of arm muscle training routine.